Cyrus Lum - 25 years of video game industry experience
  • Owner: Big Huge Panda ( 2012 - present )
  • Co-Owner/CCO:Funstyle Studios Inc. ( 2010 - present )
  • Owner: Train Artisan Inc ( 2001-2010 )
  • Studio Art Director: Midway Studios - Austin ( 2004-2008 )
  • Co-Owner/Art Director: Inevitable Entertainment ( 2000-2004 )
  • VP, Digital Productions: Acclaim Entertainment ( 1997-1999 )
  • Exec Dir of Adv Tech: Acclaim Entertainment ( 1995-1997 )
  • Dir of Adv Tech: Iguana Entertainment ( 1994-1995 )
  • Art Director: Crystal Dynamics ( 1992-1994 )
  • Lead Artist: Strategic Simulations ( 1988-1992 )

Cyrus has 25 years of experience in game production, development and management roles with both publishing and independent development companies, which includes Funstyle Studios and being the Studio Art Director (Oct 2004 - Feb 2008) of Midway Studios-Austin, where he helped to grow the company from 50 to over 150 employees.

Cyrus was also an advisory board member for the annual industry Game Developer's Conference (GDC) and had served on the board for 10 over years. Prior to Midway, he was Co-Founder and Art Director of Inevitable Entertainment Inc, an independent game developer responsible for such titles as The Hobbit, Area51, Tribes2 PS2, and Defender – GameCube. In 2004 Midway Games acquired Inevitable, which became Midway Studios - Austin.

In the 1990's, Cyrus was the Vice President of Digital Productions at Acclaim Entertainment where he coordinated and provided strategic direction to the advanced computer graphic art efforts of Acclaim Studios - Austin, Salt Lake Teeside (UK), London and the Acclaim Studios Cinematic and Motion Capture Group. Prior to Acclaim, Cyrus joined Crystal Dynamics where he founded the art department and became the art director for such titles as Crash 'n Burn, Total Eclipse and the Horde. Cyrus entered the game industry in the late 80's as an artist at Strategic Simulations Inc, and worked on the classic Dungeons and Dragons Gold Box computer games. Currently, he serves as the Chief Creative Officer of Big Huge Panda (a mobile game development company).



email: phone: (512) 423-1532

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